Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shortwave loggings - 0200 0300 utc 2/15/2009

0200utc 1/15/2009
Grundig G5 using whip antenna
Leesville, SC
English broadcast received

2500 - WWV Time Signal
3145 - USA WWRB Overcomer with Ralph Stair
3185 - USA WWRB
3215 - USA WWCR #1
3330 - CHU Time Signal
5000 - WWV Time Signal
5050 - USA WWRB
5070 - USA WWCR #3
5935 - USA WWCR #2 - Melissa Scott
5950 - TAIWAN Radio Taiwan via WYFR in Florida
5985 - USA WYFR - Family Radio
6000 - CUBA Radio Habana
6010 - SWEDEN Radio Sweden (on at 0230 UTC)
6070 - CANADA CFRX commercial radio station
6090 - ANGUILLA - WLD University Network, Scott preaching
6140 - CUBA Radio Habana
6175 - VIETNAM - Voice of Vietnam via Canada (on at 230 UTC)
6240 - RUSSIA voice of Russia via Moldova
7160 - IRAN - ended at 0230UTC
7250 - RUSSIA Voice of Russia via Armenia
7345 - CZECH REPUBLIC - Radio Prague (ended at 0230 UTC)
7415 - USA WBCQ
7455 - USA WYFR Family Radio
7505 - USA WRNO
7535 - EGYPT Radio Cairo
7811 - USA AFRTS - upper sideband
7850 - CHU Time Signal

6925 - WMR We Monkey Radio in AM we keep song short so monkey's don't lose interest (ID at 0255 utc)
5550 - Airline traffic on USB
5520 - Airline traffic on USB
3455 - Airline traffic on USB
6628 - Airline traffic on USB


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